Saturday, July 3, 2010

Meet-and-greet and Cosfest! Awesome!

ALRIGHT! Its been UBER long since I've started posting again and here I am! Posting the latest happenings around me right now.

Ok, yesterday I went for this Meet-and-Greet session down at *Scape's Camp Pong to meet Alodia and Ashley from the Philipines! They are the well known cosplayers around and they are SIBLINGS! Isn't that wonderful? Well, I wasn't really looking forward to meeting them in the first place but somehow, I got treated to something really awesome that made everyone somehow, silent. And mostly at me. Lol.

Ok, so this is what happened. I was late for the event... when I was supposed to reach at 3.30pm. The event started around 4, and I reached there at around 3.45+, wrote down my name on this piece of paper that would be used for the lucky draw.
SO! It was time to start the show. I was surprised that the emcee for that day was Ferlyn a.k.a Witch_Cat. So, after some rough introduction by her and the Animax Manager, the main highlight finally came. The sisters just walked out from behind some wall and I was SOOOO surprised. I didn't expect them to look THATTTT pretty. I seriously blushed.

After that, it was time for some lucky draw session.. and.. somehow.... when they picked up the piece of paper, I knew it was me because the marker mark is still fresh and I was like "Oh no..". And to my surprise, it really was me who won the 2nd place for lucky draw. I got picked out by the sisters! DAMN! I've won a pair of sunglasses by Ray Ban and... a match of ping pong with the sisters. The mic was passed to me but I can't say anything because I was just too unprepared for that LOL. So, we went to the table where we were supposed to start the game. Me, being unable to play Ping Pong since primary school, of coz, watch how people play and imitated them. So I tried surfing the ball like some pro but failed badly, and I kinda got a tie with them somehow. But, I lost anyway. Everyone was giving me the awkward silence in the first place and I was too shy to look at them in the eye lol. But really, they were great at playing ping pong.

So after the match, I went up to receive the sunglasses as my prize and I get to have my photos taken with them! Here are some of the pics lol.

Those are all the pics that happened to me during the meet-and-greet session lol. After that, there was this autograph session and phototaking session. I already had my pics taken with them so I shall be fair and let others take with them instead lol. I'll just show you guys some of the pics I took and 2 photos of me taken with them. =D

Hur hur. No wonder the rest of the guys were giving me the awkward silence treatment. LOL!

Alright, now about cosfest.

So, today was the 1st day of cosfest and its awesome. Well, the people and cosplays that I always see is the same.. so.. no comment about that. But! IT WAS GREAT TO HAVE JAPANESE SONG COMPETITION HELD! It totally extended the time of the normal cosfest. Usually it would end at 7pm. But today, its nearly 8.20pm. Awesome. But it was kinda sad for me because most of my friends are staying in a chalet while I, came from home, and was originally supposed to go home alone.

Anyways, forget about it. Today is fun. But it was raining since the morning till the late noon. But it was good, kinda chilled the temperature down.

I was cosplaying as Sagara Sousuke from Full Metal Panic! today with Shizuru as Kaname Chidori. 8D Her wig was really pretty, and Haru's wig was just nice for my Sagara. HOHO! Damn now I wish that my face would really look better.. guhh..

Blah-blah-blah, and then I met Tim, Blue and Amirul. LOL! The whole band is here! HAHA!

OH! If you are wondering, yes, I've formed a band!

Me - Lead Guitars + Lead Vocals
Tim - Rhythm Guitars + Backing Vocals
Amirul - Drums + Backing Vocals
Blue - Bass + Backing Vocals

I really hope we could play better soon! I really want to play One Night Carnival, Kira Kira! and Baka Go Home! with them! My band and the songs are totally awesome. We have our own group in facebook. Just feel free to search for it!

Like a Bancho!!


Meanwhile, here are some pics of me as Sagara and my friends =D (I don't have any pics with Shizuru yet.. darn..)


And recently, I've been hooked to this manga and anime called "Zettai Karen Children!". Its a good show! HAHAH!
And I got so totally hooked on it that when I saw someone in singapore cosplaying them, I MUST take a picture of them! I missed a chance to take a pic together with them though.. because they have to go.. darn.. *sigh*

Anyway, this is them!

Left to right: Aoi, Kaoru, Shiho

XDDD feel free to watch or read the manga! Its freakin' awesome!

Well, thats all for the updates. Ahaha. Lots had been happening since I last touched the blog.. heh.. lots of cobwebs now ahah! Shall post more tomorrow if I have the chance. Btw, my school has been moved to Chua Chu Kang. The new campus now is so fucking huge that I think I might get lost in it. But I happened to walk pass certain places and I find that those places are just nice for my Bancho photoshoots. =D

Speaking of which, I don't think I shall cover the streetfest story. It was a tiring day for Streetfest. Today as well. My shoulders still ache even now. Haha. Alright! Thanks for reading. =D

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Buwahahah!!! Yui-chan is back with Azu-nyan~

Having lost my Yui-Chan before.. *it was at some previous post*.. I felt damn sad.. but now..

YUI-CHAN IS BACK!!! And now I shall call her Yui-Chan #2. xDDD And not only Yui-Chan, she also brought Azu-nyan along! 8D They are so fucking cute that I could hug them tightly in my sleep. Haha, thats all for updates haha.


And hurray for my AWESOME band's BANNER. Might consider selling it for $2.50 =X Band funds LOLOLOL.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shopping Day!

Finally! I've gotten some of the Music Equipments I wanted and I finally manage to practice well now!

I've finally gotten my Marshall Amplifier. Though its not in the color I wanted, it has the stuffs I want. The rest just.. somehow.. you know.. doesn't have what I want so... yeah.

I've gotten myself a Microphone Loudspeaker as well. Its from Wharfedale. Titan 8 is the name I suppose.. its grey in color. And it works pretty well. It has LED for the horn too =X

Soooo I have a few videos to show~ Lol. Ok, because it was stopped halfway.. so we continued on on a 2nd clip..

Bleh, got lazy to upload the fucking video because of some fucking reason I donno why... so.. pics it is.. *sigh*


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You bloody fuckface

Yo, been away for sometime because there isn't anything for me to post..

But today its different. Now I am totally regretting not to punch that fuckface. Shall explain it now.

Today, I went to watch Clash of the Titans 3D with Joshua and Hilme. So what happened after the movie was.

During the start of the credits, I noticed the person who was sitting infront of me, staring at me. I was still having the goggles on that time. But I noticed he was staring at me for quiet sometime. But he is keeping quiet, I don't know why. Then I overheard this between the conversation between him and his friend. He was asking, "Hey, is this a guy or a girl?". I was thinking if they were talking about me but somehow I thought he was talking about the person behind me so I just ignored.

Somehow, he walked to the screen, still staring at me. So I was like, still trying to ignore.

Joshua realized that the person is staring at me so he asked me "Is he staring at you?" I just said "I think so.." he asked, "Why?", but I don't know why and Joshua went back to look at the credits. The guy, just suddenly went up to my row and went to Joshua and shouted at him, " WHAT THE FUCK YOU LOOKING AT? " and they ended up arguing.

After he was done, he just pointed at me and asked this violently, "Eh, you are a guy or a girl?". During that point, I felt so insulted >_> so I just replied him, unwillingly, "A guy. What you want?"
And he started telling me what he was unhappy about. But I just kept quiet and looked at the screen. He just walked out of the place, went down the stairs and waited for us.

I didn't realize this but Joshua was still staring at that person. So, I knew something was gonna happen, so I passed my goggles to Hilme and get him to put it away. When we were almost near the exit of the Cinema, that fella was there, looking like some angry mob but the face was too funny to describe. He called Joshua out and argued with him about the staring incident again and finally said this "Not happy? Come, I settle with you." and tried to drag Joshua out of the Cinema. Luckily I pulled Joshua away from him. So that fella, still unhappy, was waiting for us just right outside the door.

So we exited the door, still staring at him, tried to walk away. But that fella still wants trouble, and went over to Joshua and asked about the staring incident again, and somehow, when Joshua was talking with hand movements, the fuckface knocked away Joshua's bottle real hard and scratched his knuckle. I can tell Joshua was about to punch that fella. I knew what was happening next because the fuckface was about to move also. And in a violent manner. I quickly locked Joshua's arms by hugging him real tight.

So the fuckface's friend asked us to leave quickly. So we just walked away slowly, still knowing that fuckface was still following us. We walked to the escalator, and somehow I heard the fuckface clearing his throat. I knew what was going on, so I was prepared to give him a punch if the spit really landed on me. Somehow there was nothing on me. All I felt was wind blowing through my hair. I brushed my hair abit just to check and turned around to stare at him. I asked him this, "What?".

And he went Kuu Kuu and asked me "Do you know how long that movie was?" and banged the grip of the escalator real hard. But not as hard as I would bang it. He continued "Why do you want to kick my chair? HUH. You think its fun?" Then I just replied, "Why would I want to kick your chair? Even if I did, it wasn't on purpose."
He said, "Not on purpose? You know how long you've been kicking me?"

But seriously, does placing my feet at the bottom part of the chair considered as kicking? Its not my fault that the chair is loose and shaky. I know because my chair was the same. I felt vibrations throughout the whole movie.

Carry on, I just told him this "Then what you want me to do? The whole cinema is orh orh (dark)" And he just had to say this, "Wah? Guai lan liao la? Speak in hokkien?" and he pushed me.

Not saying his push was powerful, because he moved back abit himself too. And so I replied him this, "What? I want to say anything in what language is my business. Does it have to concern you?" And I just walked away with Joshua and Hilme towards the elevator even though we saw the escalator because I am afraid he would just kick us down.

So we waited for the elevator. But somehow, I manage to see his face through the reflection from the glass panel covering the elevator. The face he was giving is reall hilarious. His mouth was really giving an inverted V. 100% alike.

So the elevator arrived, we went in. Then thats when they decided to leave us alone. I suppose he tried to tag along with us to enter the elevator and attack us suddenly. Luckily the elevator we entered was full of people. So we entered the elevator, I was still looking at him. He was still not happy with us. I could tell because he was still giving us the face even when the door was closed. And he just slowly walked back to the escalator.

So after that, we 3 began to talk about what happened and it was totally hilarious.

But seriously, why would someone wanting to pick a fight ask you this, "Are you a guy or a girl?"

No seriously, do I really look like a girl? >_> CB.

Somewhat I regretted fighting back. I am itching now =3=..
Well, whats done is done. This kind of person, small minded. If he wants to come to a cinema, at least expect something like someone kicking your chair to happen. Gosh.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

You are so fucking childish.

Fuck. Just because of some fucking misunderstanding and you want to argue with me, you took my PSP and hide it!? FUCK. >_> How old do you think you are already!? Seriously. Fuck.

I called, you cut the phone off. I called back, you switched it off. Fine then. FINE. SO BE IT. KEEP MY FUCKING PSP.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Can die sia.. 3 days go out non-stop..

1st 2 days went for Jap Obession! held at Cathay @ DBG. I went as a semi-photographer for day 1 with Tim and Amirul :dribble: Took a couple of shots 8D Kinda like them. Went for a jamming session first before the cathay thingy. Was jamming with Tim and Ami. Ohoho. Not bad la for the 1st day. Ami went to mosque, went with him, met up with Tim while being semi-wet because of the rain. We ran to meet him lol.

Can view them here. http://sgcafe.com/cosplay-gallery-general-events/70137-onion-bancho-taking-pictures-cathay10-still-waiting-pics.html

2nd day, went to the same place again, and went to jam halfway AGAIN. Made alot of prgress. This time I went with Amirul and Sasaki lol. At least today's band is awesome. Now I have to wait for tmr. I will be donning the Kamen Rider's suit tmr. As Kamen Rider the First. *dribble*

Alright. This is all I have to say for now. Ciaoz~ OH BTW I've received my K-ON! Genderbend photos. Though, only some laaaa. Zzz. Ciaoz!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Gah, missing 3 pics. >_>

(And a whole lot of bloody text that I typed for 45 mins)

All the other small stuffs


Name: Negi/Negimized/Wai Liam

D.O.B: 22/09/1992

Hobbies: Cycling, Playing the Guitar, Cosplaying , Spending time with friends

School: ITE Balestier - CCK (year 2 @ 2010)

Email: wai_liam92@hotmail.com (Feel free to add me on MSN and chat =3)


Canon EOS 550D DSLR Camera - $1449

K-ON! x Dollfie Dream - Hirasawa Yui Dollfie - $988+

K-ON! Hirasawa Yui DX Plushie - $22

K-ON! Hirasawa Yui Nendoroid - $50+

Shure 55SH Skull Microphone - $299 (Bought for $250)

New Desktop computer - $2k

Gibson Les Paul Standard'59/Recent model - $6k+

Fender JPN Mustang'59 - $1.3k+

BOSS GT-10 Multi FX Guitar Pedal - $1.2k+

Fender Telecaster - $ ??

Marshall MG15CDR Amplifier -$179 (Silver edition)

Tekken 6 PS3 Game - $60+

PS3 Joystick - $70++

Sony Bravia 32'' inch LCD TV - $560+

Samsung 42'' inch LED TV - $ (4 digits)

Home Theatre Sound System - $(Didn't have time to check)

Black Leather/PVC Guitar Strap - $28/$60+

Monster Cable for Guitar - $120+

Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Game - $90+

Final Fantasy IV PS3 Game - Not released yet

K-On! Yui Figma - $44+

K-On! Yui, Mio, Ritsu, Mugi, Azusa Nendoroid set - $(Don't know yet)

K-On! "Let's Go!" Live concert T-shirt - $(Don't know yet)

K-On! Blu-Ray Episodes 1-current - $(Should be quite expensive..)

K-On! "Let's make a band!" Album + Band Score book - $65+

K-On! "Let's make a band!" Album + Band Score book 2 - $(Unknown yet)

K-On! Posters - $(Unknown yet)


Be able to play the guitar well

Perform on stage with my band

Master how to play the guitar while singing

Being able to play a song by ear

Cheer up more often

A girlfriend

Being on TV

Compete in SuperBand

Be more popular with people

Control my temper more often

Score back my 4.0 for GPA

Able to go for Poly

Make more friends


Click; Aki Toyosaki (Hirasawa Yui)
Click; Satomi Sato (Tainaka Ritsu)
Click; Yoko Hikasa (Akiyama Mio)
Click; Minako Kotobuki (Kotobuki Tsumugi)
Click; Ayana Taketatsu (Azusa Nakano)
Click: Estelle
Click; Neko
Click; Haru mummy~ <3
Click; Germaine
Click; Kenneth
Click; Yukihoshi
Click; Joanne
Click; Setsuru Aniki <3
Click; Shizuru
Click; Fim
Click; Kiwi/Vernice
Click; MasterJJP
Click; Chiru
Click; Sasaki
Click; Usagi-san's DeviantArt
Click; Usagi-san's Blogger
Click; Ruuchi





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