Thursday, March 25, 2010

You are so fucking childish.

Fuck. Just because of some fucking misunderstanding and you want to argue with me, you took my PSP and hide it!? FUCK. >_> How old do you think you are already!? Seriously. Fuck.

I called, you cut the phone off. I called back, you switched it off. Fine then. FINE. SO BE IT. KEEP MY FUCKING PSP.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Can die sia.. 3 days go out non-stop..

1st 2 days went for Jap Obession! held at Cathay @ DBG. I went as a semi-photographer for day 1 with Tim and Amirul :dribble: Took a couple of shots 8D Kinda like them. Went for a jamming session first before the cathay thingy. Was jamming with Tim and Ami. Ohoho. Not bad la for the 1st day. Ami went to mosque, went with him, met up with Tim while being semi-wet because of the rain. We ran to meet him lol.

Can view them here. http://sgcafe.com/cosplay-gallery-general-events/70137-onion-bancho-taking-pictures-cathay10-still-waiting-pics.html

2nd day, went to the same place again, and went to jam halfway AGAIN. Made alot of prgress. This time I went with Amirul and Sasaki lol. At least today's band is awesome. Now I have to wait for tmr. I will be donning the Kamen Rider's suit tmr. As Kamen Rider the First. *dribble*

Alright. This is all I have to say for now. Ciaoz~ OH BTW I've received my K-ON! Genderbend photos. Though, only some laaaa. Zzz. Ciaoz!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Gah, missing 3 pics. >_>

(And a whole lot of bloody text that I typed for 45 mins)

Animax & K-ON!

Ok.. today is an uber tiring day.

Woke up at 10 and left home at 10.30. Met up with BenJ and the rest at Wheelock place. Everyone look so cute today <3 gum ="3=">


So after that, we decided to leave and take the MRT to Bugis to play LAN. Sad, Data_Ronin can't join us =( so the 3 of us left. ( I felt bad being the 3rd party ._. )
Went to TKA. There wasn't any seats that are together, so we left to Iluma. (Yes, everyone was tired.. and we tried not to walk as much as possible but it was all because of my stupid idea to go play LAN =( so sorry )

Saw Jerica and Jerome there. Lol. Said hi and crapped awhile. Walked abit inside the mini arcade at the 7th floor of Iluma and then went off to play LAN. Played L4D 2 lol. Kinda fun. xDDD

So we left off to Bugis Junction to get drinks. Drank drank drank. Bought donuts. Go to ATM. Go to toilet. Then go mrt. Lol. Then back home we were. (Luckily we didn't go for IT fair today.. my body cannot take it but my mind can take it =3= ... Lady Boss, I salute you.. )

Alright, now for pics. Lol.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Damn, am I bored.

Nothing much happening this week.. I had a jamming session yesterday but it isn't that fun.. nothing much to say about yesterday's event except that bloody uncle from the studio. Our time is up and didn't even bother to come inform us nicely. He just waited for us to went past the timing and we had to pay $7 more.

$15 - per hr. zz. I am now blacklisting that studio from my list.

Wee Lee Music Center. Just right beside Aljunied MRT station. Around 2 mins walk.

Ok, enough of that. So basically, I've completed my Traffic Light Project. Just got my prints out from Haru. Can finally submit my N&C project report too. Wasn't really quite myself for a few days. Haha. Basically its because of one person. I think. =3

So, what happened today was, head to school, as usual.. wait till lunch break.. as usual.. play Kenka Bancho 4 on my PSP, as usual.. and went up class to rush finish my traffic light. Wait till school is over, walked to co-op, got a drink. But kinda funny, somehow I think the Co-op members all know me just because of her. Haha. But I do feel bad, because I didn't really sign up to be one and yet I get such privilege. So, walked out of school with Tim, Joseph, Teck Meng, Joshua, Jian Hong and Kai An. Went to MRT together. Tim asked me to tag along with him to DBG because he wants to eat and head of for work later on. So I accompanied him. After he finished eating, we went to Yamaha to take a look. We saw the new model of DTX and we played around with it. Kinda fun.. but its costly...2k+ even with student's discount. Not including stool and amp. Ahaha.

So, we split up after we went to the supermarket to get his drink. I bought come sushi and a bowl of shark's fin soup. I walked to somewhere near the entrance of the MRT station and sat to eat my stuffs. After finishing, around 5.07pm.. walked into the MRT station and decided to take the Red line back home. I think I saw Lawliet and Sochii.. Wasn't really sure but I can tell one of them is Lawliet. So, after walking the long long way to the Red side, I was camping at one place to wait for the train to arrive, but somehow I noticed Ashiq from far and decided to walk to them. Teng Yong was there too, so we 3 took the MRT together back home.

Nothing much to say during the trip back home, we were all in our little world. I was in my Kenka Bancho world and iPhone. Lolool.

Got home, smsed Haru telling her that I will meet her at the same time as yesterday again to pass her the thumbdrive and collect my prints. And then I fell asleep as soon as I got home, don't really know whats wrong with me but I feel really tired for the past 3 days. So I woke up, took a bathe and proceed to meeting her. Was surprised that the pictures taken from my phone looks damn good even on Black & White. /har Maybe can use it to take pictures from people's photoshoot. Haha.

Went home, ate my dinner. And watched some tv. And then the rest, the same old thing as every other day. =S how boring.

I am sickkkkkk offfff - nothing. Lol. Nothing to say...

._. Do you think I can ask her out..? Mehhh.. I dig that =D

All the other small stuffs


Name: Negi/Negimized/Wai Liam

D.O.B: 22/09/1992

Hobbies: Cycling, Playing the Guitar, Cosplaying , Spending time with friends

School: ITE Balestier - CCK (year 2 @ 2010)

Email: wai_liam92@hotmail.com (Feel free to add me on MSN and chat =3)


Canon EOS 550D DSLR Camera - $1449

K-ON! x Dollfie Dream - Hirasawa Yui Dollfie - $988+

K-ON! Hirasawa Yui DX Plushie - $22

K-ON! Hirasawa Yui Nendoroid - $50+

Shure 55SH Skull Microphone - $299 (Bought for $250)

New Desktop computer - $2k

Gibson Les Paul Standard'59/Recent model - $6k+

Fender JPN Mustang'59 - $1.3k+

BOSS GT-10 Multi FX Guitar Pedal - $1.2k+

Fender Telecaster - $ ??

Marshall MG15CDR Amplifier -$179 (Silver edition)

Tekken 6 PS3 Game - $60+

PS3 Joystick - $70++

Sony Bravia 32'' inch LCD TV - $560+

Samsung 42'' inch LED TV - $ (4 digits)

Home Theatre Sound System - $(Didn't have time to check)

Black Leather/PVC Guitar Strap - $28/$60+

Monster Cable for Guitar - $120+

Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Game - $90+

Final Fantasy IV PS3 Game - Not released yet

K-On! Yui Figma - $44+

K-On! Yui, Mio, Ritsu, Mugi, Azusa Nendoroid set - $(Don't know yet)

K-On! "Let's Go!" Live concert T-shirt - $(Don't know yet)

K-On! Blu-Ray Episodes 1-current - $(Should be quite expensive..)

K-On! "Let's make a band!" Album + Band Score book - $65+

K-On! "Let's make a band!" Album + Band Score book 2 - $(Unknown yet)

K-On! Posters - $(Unknown yet)


Be able to play the guitar well

Perform on stage with my band

Master how to play the guitar while singing

Being able to play a song by ear

Cheer up more often

A girlfriend

Being on TV

Compete in SuperBand

Be more popular with people

Control my temper more often

Score back my 4.0 for GPA

Able to go for Poly

Make more friends


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