Sunday, January 31, 2010


Time: 10PM
Date: 31st January 2010
Location: My Home

I reached home at 10pm on the 31st of January 2010. When I placed my plastic bag containing all the groceries I've just gotten not long ago, estimated, 9.40PM, and started to empty the plastic bag, I realized my ham was missing. I therefore declare that, someone has stolen my ham. Please do something about it detective.



Saturday, January 30, 2010


K-ON! Season 2 is due to arrive on April 2010! Woot!




Yui looks so comfortable in her car xDD

Credit goes to knife!
His deviantart : http://schizima.deviantart.com/

The most awesome SOY I've ever been.

Like the title says! Its just so fucking awesome with all the awesome people today. I brought Yui-chan along! 8D shes so fucking cute! DAMN LOL.

So, I woke up early in the morning around 8.20am. Took a bathe. And quickly get changed. Mom asked me to have some breakfast but I wasn't that hungry so I only took like..3 bites of that rice. And I quickly packed everything including my loveable Yui-chan who has to be washed now, in my bag. Quickly got down to the bus stop and waited for 99. I was meeting up with Greg to help him carry my guitar and travel to Ngee Ann Poly together, but first we went to Jurong Point first because Greg wants his breakfast. So after his breakfast (I was showing him the Annoying Orange too lol), we went and took the train to Clementi. Waited for Kiwira there.

Before Kiwira arrived, we meet up with Knife. Then, Kiwira arrives. Called Joel to ask about ticket because I was shocked that Kiwira had the tickets already. Lol.

So, blah blah blah~ We went there, got the tickets, chit chatted etc, walked around and under 10 mins I gotten some loot. LOL.

Ok, so I am skipping a couple of parts. We basically went into the Tofu Cafe there and had some light snack. I had a swissroll chocolate cake. Lol. A slice costed us $2. LOL and its from Polar puffs and cakes. Later on, we went off and we had a little shoot for our babes. xD

Well, the rest is pretty boring until I met Sasaki and her sis + the awesome K-On team which BenJ's GF was in xDDD fucking cool.

Masaki and her sis is so cool, we chatted alot. xDD We even decided on chalet + next year's Blassreiter cosplay! WOOT. And I had friends to help me take pics of the awesome K-On group. I had some pics myself and taken with my iPhone. Quality is good. VERY good. Lol. Ah well, I've pretty much enjoyed myself there. Ahaha! The day was a blast. Met up with lots of usual peeps. I somewhat feel, new again. Somewhat, I kinda got.. emotional halfway through the event. I don't know whats bugging me but I just felt like crying o.o..

OK anyways, I'll just let the pics to do the talking. Ahah! I won't be posting up ALL of the pics though, just some. Lol. AND WITH CAPTIONS! LOL

Yui peeping into the candy pot *drool*

Yui: *drool*

It was Rinya's birthday so Haru mum bought cake and Yui had a share 8D

Yui: C-Cakeeee!!!

Was taken when I was inside the Tofu Cafe. *SHHHHH*

The big big K-On group I was talking about. The Mio is BenJ's GF. 8D the group damn awesome right. What would be more awesome would be if Kii-chan joined them =X

Another one from me~

Crest with Yui-chan. (Yui sibei cute right 8D) Rofl, Takuan bucket.

Fim with Yui-chan~ ( 8D Yui so cute! *Hyperventilates* )

And Fim gave Yui-chan this cute cute handsewn Kitty. Thanks!

Last pic of the K-On group. ALONG WITH MY YUI-CHAN 8DDD

And so, before we left home. We went for dinner at LJS. Yui gotten this bowl of rice. Aww so cute @.@

Well, thats all! XDDD Ciaoz!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yusei's Duel Disk, GET!

Ohoho! So today I was feeling very impatient in class because I wanted to get out of school early + finishing up all the bloody things that I had missed during MC because I thought about my GPA stuffs.

So basically I want to get out of school early is just to meet up with Gerald to get my Yusei duel disk from him which he promised to sell it to me. So, I was dismissed, I waited for Timothy, and we left to Hougang.

Thanks Gerald for the awesome duel disk that you are willing to sell me. I still owe you the other $30 lol.

So, I met up with him, checked the duel disk together with him and Tim. Kept it, started chatting abit. And we actually caught flow of yesterday's news. =S

Ok, so we ended our little chatting session when we saw our train coming. So we left and got onto the train only to talk crap. Lol. Timothy was telling to me about his fanfics stuffs. Lol, bunch of ideas from Assassin's Creed + Hitman 8D I just bullshited him. GAHAHAHA. But sad, he left at DBG because he is suppsoed to head down to Tampines to meet up with his parents I think.

Ok, so I went home alone, doing nothing but indulging myself with my Apple-chan's iPod function lol.

So I got home, toyed with the Duel Disk, and took a few pics of it. Yui wants to be part of it and then she dropped her necktie. DAMN. Lol. Gonna sew it back =3=

Anyway, heres the pics. (Yui is cute isn't she? 8D)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Molester on the loose..? I don't know..

Quoted from my friend's blog.

Molester on the loose??

I don’t even know how this can be public news. It’s even weird when I actually know the people who are hiding behind their aliases….

What I find completely unacceptable is that I do not like how this “counsellor” is describing cosplayers.

“To be obsessed with cosplay might cause certain youths to lose themselves and affect their behaviour adversely.

Counsellor Ying Li Hong said that some youths might be overly obsessed with cosplay. They imagine themselves as the character of the anime or the manga and may emulate these characteristics in their behaviour.” –Asiaone

He/She might not be talking about all cosplayers in general and that this *counsellor* says that some youth MIGHT be overly obsessed with cosplay. But when you read the article, what is the first impression that comes to mind?

Yes. Cosplayers are people who are obsessed with anime or manga to the point of wanting to dress up as the characters. Cosplayers are wannabes who has no life. Cosplayers are immature and unstable.

Or simply put, NOBODY who reads that article is going to walk away with a positive outlook on our Singapore cosplayers.

Link: http://21stcenturycat.wordpress.com/

Fucking true.

I mean, its not like they are the one that are doing it and they are labeling us just like that because they FEAR. This is what makes Adults blind on stuffs.

Ok side note, I am somewhat, ashamed to say that I know that Molester actually. =S
I can't really say much about him because, I don't really know him that well. The first time I met him was during work. I didn't really expect him to be like that. =S


8D I have a reader from Japan!

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Lyrics are hard and embarassing.

It's hard to write a decent song.. and when you are the one writing it, when you show it to someone, you'll find it embarassing.. >.< gosh!

Fuck Courts.

ZZZ.. now I can say goodbye to my new com which was supposed to be arriving on saturday or this week.


And seriously, they are too heartless to care about the students. Yeah, you people can say, they are doing business. What about me? I need to do my fucking school work with all those fucking programs that my computer can't support. Like fuck you.

And that model is limited. Now I have to fucking wait. Great. Wait. Nice. Thank you. Thank you Courts. Thank you.

Now don't look down on my parents just because they earn less than $1500 each. Fuck you. Poor people are tough. Now go back and suck your balls. Fucker.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


You know, sometimes life is just like that. Damn fucking unfair. Weird ain't it? :nani:

Gosh, I feel like I am having a 3rd sense. Everytime I kinda think I like someone, someone already booked that person already. Maybe I should just think of marrying my guitar/microphone instead. Pfft.

Anyways, I am looking for this particular model of microphone. Shure's 55SH Skull Microphone. Wonder if anyone else could help to inform me if there are any shop selling it cheap. Between $200 to $250. I know of a shop selling it at $300 so.. yeah, was wondering if there are any cheaper ones around. Thanks!

(I think you know just who I am talking about right? *points*)

Kira Kira

I am so sad now because of the SUPER good storyline of this VN. It totally tore my heart out when I thought everything was progressing well with the main character and the player.

Why does Kirari have to die!? Shes so pure and cute! Damn.. whyyyy. Its.. just so painful to look at her when she was in the hospital and even when the player had a hallucination and I saw Kirari. It just tears my heart into half. And I didn't even complete unlocking all the contents. I am afraid to replay the whole game now.. because its hard to look at Kirari the same way again. =S

I really wish she didn't have to die.. Here are some of the screenshots that I took when I was playing the game. Those who have iPhones or PS2 here, I strongly recommend this game to you guys. Only sad thing to those iPhone users out there, the H-Scenes are all removed from the iPhone version. Sad for you =D

Well, the PS2 one has all the H-Scenes in it though. Have fun fapping to it you dudes out there.

I hope I am not the only guy who cried to this.. =3= and its the first VN that I actually read.

Warning, image spam ahead.

Please click on the images to look at the larger one ._.

From Negi's Little Blue Corner

From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner
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From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner
From Negi's Little Blue Corner

Ok so anyway, thats all for Kira Kira's image spam.

Well, actuall on thursday, I got myself a spankin' new wallet. Here it is.

From Negi's Little Blue Corner

Lol. So on friday, I went to Liang Court with TY. To get my friggin' Megami DX. Just for the K-On stuff again. *tiny voice inside me says "YEH!"*

So, on the way, I took a pic of him at the fountain area. For the lawls.

From Negi's Little Blue Corner

Lol. Well, thats all.

OH BTW. This is my current wallpaper for my iPhone right now. And the original pic is my lappy's wallpaper. Heh. I am seriously addicted to both K-On and Kira Kira. I hope K-On don't end up like Kira Kira.. well both of them are good.. I am seriously in love ._. ..

From Negi's Little Blue Corner

Well..maybe I wanna fall in love again.. probably..

All the other small stuffs


Name: Negi/Negimized/Wai Liam

D.O.B: 22/09/1992

Hobbies: Cycling, Playing the Guitar, Cosplaying , Spending time with friends

School: ITE Balestier - CCK (year 2 @ 2010)

Email: wai_liam92@hotmail.com (Feel free to add me on MSN and chat =3)


Canon EOS 550D DSLR Camera - $1449

K-ON! x Dollfie Dream - Hirasawa Yui Dollfie - $988+

K-ON! Hirasawa Yui DX Plushie - $22

K-ON! Hirasawa Yui Nendoroid - $50+

Shure 55SH Skull Microphone - $299 (Bought for $250)

New Desktop computer - $2k

Gibson Les Paul Standard'59/Recent model - $6k+

Fender JPN Mustang'59 - $1.3k+

BOSS GT-10 Multi FX Guitar Pedal - $1.2k+

Fender Telecaster - $ ??

Marshall MG15CDR Amplifier -$179 (Silver edition)

Tekken 6 PS3 Game - $60+

PS3 Joystick - $70++

Sony Bravia 32'' inch LCD TV - $560+

Samsung 42'' inch LED TV - $ (4 digits)

Home Theatre Sound System - $(Didn't have time to check)

Black Leather/PVC Guitar Strap - $28/$60+

Monster Cable for Guitar - $120+

Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Game - $90+

Final Fantasy IV PS3 Game - Not released yet

K-On! Yui Figma - $44+

K-On! Yui, Mio, Ritsu, Mugi, Azusa Nendoroid set - $(Don't know yet)

K-On! "Let's Go!" Live concert T-shirt - $(Don't know yet)

K-On! Blu-Ray Episodes 1-current - $(Should be quite expensive..)

K-On! "Let's make a band!" Album + Band Score book - $65+

K-On! "Let's make a band!" Album + Band Score book 2 - $(Unknown yet)

K-On! Posters - $(Unknown yet)


Be able to play the guitar well

Perform on stage with my band

Master how to play the guitar while singing

Being able to play a song by ear

Cheer up more often

A girlfriend

Being on TV

Compete in SuperBand

Be more popular with people

Control my temper more often

Score back my 4.0 for GPA

Able to go for Poly

Make more friends


Click; Aki Toyosaki (Hirasawa Yui)
Click; Satomi Sato (Tainaka Ritsu)
Click; Yoko Hikasa (Akiyama Mio)
Click; Minako Kotobuki (Kotobuki Tsumugi)
Click; Ayana Taketatsu (Azusa Nakano)
Click: Estelle
Click; Neko
Click; Haru mummy~ <3
Click; Germaine
Click; Kenneth
Click; Yukihoshi
Click; Joanne
Click; Setsuru Aniki <3
Click; Shizuru
Click; Fim
Click; Kiwi/Vernice
Click; MasterJJP
Click; Chiru
Click; Sasaki
Click; Usagi-san's DeviantArt
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