Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lol. Kampfer 09

Lol, damn, Kampfer 09 really got my head heated up. I am having slight fever now thanks to Shizuku's actions LOL... but damn, today is such a boring day.

My ex-classmate came over to my place just to get a game from me and we played till 4pm+, I greg came over to my place. Played Tekken with each other for awhile (7 wins 2 loses! woot!)

Lol. My characters are all so lols. Should play more sometime. Then we went for dinner at pioneer mall. Then, I got back home and slack. Lol... Geh, had a mass convo just now with my 11 Eyes photoshoot team. I am still thinking if I should do Amami Shu.. lol, since there are hardly any reference for me to follow to allow me to imitate him.. lol.. I shall wait till next year when the game comes out. Thats all fellas!

Enjoy some of my Bleach photoshoot photos lol. (some only. Lol)

Saturday, November 28, 2009


I so freaking didn't know it was Yui's birthday... ON THE FREAKING 27TH WHICH IS YESTERDAY GAHHHHH




[s]steal your cake[/s] =X

Bleach Photoshoot!

AHAHAHHA, had so much fun today even though it was a long day lol. Lol, I think I'll post what I did today haha.

Woke up at 10:40, bathe, etc, ate my morning Honey Stars lol. Went out to Watsons to get the facial wipes, then walked to Pioneer MRT station. Started raining while I was top-ing up my Ez-link card, it started to rain lol. Bounced the train to Joo Koon and went to Jurong East to meet up with Haru. Met up with her, chat and etc, even explained the K-On MV that we are planning somewhere in December. Reached Raffles Place, met up with Rayblade, Eriol and D_A. Went to Ayries(wonder if its the right spelling ._.) to get the hairclips for the MV. Ok, so after that, blah blah blah, met up with the other cosplayers. They were a bunch of newface to me but I never expect them to be so uber friendly LOL. Damn, I am the only guy for this round of photoshoot again HAHAH. So after waiting for the others to arrive, some of us went to "change" etc. So I got into the toilet and washed my face etc and started to put on my wig and make up. I was in attire already lol, from home.

Ok, so after a series of crapping, Eriol went to get his Milo, while we were chatting about Kamen Rider W. Lol. Eriol's cyclone memory is Milo while his Joker memory is Ribena. Kinda fits lol.

Cyclone = Milo
Joker = Ribena
Metal = Soya Bean
Heat = Bandung
Luna = Chrysantenum Tea (or how you spell it)
Trigger = Blue Rose drink or something lol

Ok. So after that, we went to the top and took some pictures and the move off. We went to this Musuem lol. We kinda took some beginning shots there. Was quite good, but started to rain, so we moved off for shelter at the UOB building area. We camped till the rain stopped. And then we starting pew pew again lol. Theres just so many cool and gag shots taken there haha! Then we went off to the nearby Mcdonalds. (Oh, we met Karei and Kosmos there too! 8D)

So we went to have our "breakfast/lunch" or what you call it lol. True that lots of people are staring at us but lol, still enjoyed our food. I ate their new menu today lol. Costed me my whole cash that I have LOL. Beh, sad, I didn't finidh the burger. It was so damn tasty.... gahh.. now I am hungry >_>

After which, Kiwira called me and I told him the location. We walked back to Raffles MRT station again through another route and I went to pick him from there while the others were starting to have their shoot. But after I got back with Kiwira, Wei Qiang and Kiwira's Bro + Cousin, I realized that everyone was being sent away by the Security Guards there... like lol, what did we do? Maybe we look too much like the mafias lol because its not only 1 of them.. theres like what? 5 to 6 of those guards and they INSISTED to guide us out of the building LOL. But heck, no photography, yet there is one idiot uncle there taking a video of us =.= .. like.. hello, no photography also means no videography already..

So we all started walking to the Esplanade. So basically we camped there just to have the rest of the shoot. It went till the night lol. But kinda enjoyable. Everyone was having fun too I think. Haha! Its so damn fun today. Lots of experience, lots of new friends and lastly, lots of good jokes. Haha.

Will post up pictures soon once I received them! Do wait for my photos yeah? XDDD thanks for reading! Feel free to comment on this post or leave a message in my tag box!

-Edit- Camwhore pics!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

All Right!

This is my 1st official post!


Lol. So yeah, since its the beginning of a new blog, I guess I could share with you guys what I've been doing lately.

Last week, I attended the Anime Festival Asia'09 (AFA'09) at the Suntec Convention hall. Can't really say that I enjoyed the whole event.. Somehow I just feel that its not as fun as last year's. Same as usual, crowded like mad but I can't believe its the first time that I actually queued up for anime merchandises. Geez lol.

Yeah, you can say I am kinda hooked onto K-On! for now... I went for both days for the AFA.
Cosplayed as usual. But I was more of.. looking forward to the K-On! live dubbing there. Damn, sad that we are not allowed to take any photos or videos. But its kinda funny, it was enjoyable but somewhat it feels like it is missing something. And I can't believe I actually went home and "camped" at the Seiyuu's blog to read about what they had been doing. Sad that only Satomi Sato (Ritsu) and Ayana (Azusa) posted something about their trip in Singapore.. but the funny thing is that.. they both blogged about the Merlion. LOL. But it wasn't too bad at all.. they all bought stuffs back to Yoko (Mio). Reading what she received from the others is so full of gag lol. Feel free to take a look at their personal sites/blogs at the links on the right =>

Really wished that I had gotten that DX Yui plushie =.= Heard it was sold out when the 6th customer entered KKnM..gosh I am so damn pissed. Heck, at least I've gotten myself a K-On! table mat or something, a fanart Yui badge, A Cospa Yui t-shirt (its da love!) and received a postcard from the t-shirt. (Any other K-On! involved item is the event schedule paper that I've gotten =X I got myself more than 1.. lol..)

Well, as soon as the day after AFA was over, I went to school as usual. Preparing for exams soon.. so there are not much lessons.. so my classmates and I.. well.. lol, started to play computer games during class. I am feeling sick soon =.= .. and exam is just around the corner..jeez. Hope I can do well.. lol and hope I could be back in the same class as the others and probably not me as the class chairperson again lol.

Will post more next time! Probably will include pictures soon lol. Man, I want my new phone already =.= I want to use it to take snapshots and use it as an MP3 =.=

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Name: Negi/Negimized/Wai Liam

D.O.B: 22/09/1992

Hobbies: Cycling, Playing the Guitar, Cosplaying , Spending time with friends

School: ITE Balestier - CCK (year 2 @ 2010)

Email: wai_liam92@hotmail.com (Feel free to add me on MSN and chat =3)


Canon EOS 550D DSLR Camera - $1449

K-ON! x Dollfie Dream - Hirasawa Yui Dollfie - $988+

K-ON! Hirasawa Yui DX Plushie - $22

K-ON! Hirasawa Yui Nendoroid - $50+

Shure 55SH Skull Microphone - $299 (Bought for $250)

New Desktop computer - $2k

Gibson Les Paul Standard'59/Recent model - $6k+

Fender JPN Mustang'59 - $1.3k+

BOSS GT-10 Multi FX Guitar Pedal - $1.2k+

Fender Telecaster - $ ??

Marshall MG15CDR Amplifier -$179 (Silver edition)

Tekken 6 PS3 Game - $60+

PS3 Joystick - $70++

Sony Bravia 32'' inch LCD TV - $560+

Samsung 42'' inch LED TV - $ (4 digits)

Home Theatre Sound System - $(Didn't have time to check)

Black Leather/PVC Guitar Strap - $28/$60+

Monster Cable for Guitar - $120+

Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Game - $90+

Final Fantasy IV PS3 Game - Not released yet

K-On! Yui Figma - $44+

K-On! Yui, Mio, Ritsu, Mugi, Azusa Nendoroid set - $(Don't know yet)

K-On! "Let's Go!" Live concert T-shirt - $(Don't know yet)

K-On! Blu-Ray Episodes 1-current - $(Should be quite expensive..)

K-On! "Let's make a band!" Album + Band Score book - $65+

K-On! "Let's make a band!" Album + Band Score book 2 - $(Unknown yet)

K-On! Posters - $(Unknown yet)


Be able to play the guitar well

Perform on stage with my band

Master how to play the guitar while singing

Being able to play a song by ear

Cheer up more often

A girlfriend

Being on TV

Compete in SuperBand

Be more popular with people

Control my temper more often

Score back my 4.0 for GPA

Able to go for Poly

Make more friends


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